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Murad Jamil & Associates practices its craft in various fields of planning, architecture and design. The team comprises of project managers, architects, interior designers, draftsmen, finance officers, material purchasers, administration staff, surveyors, site supervisors and store keepers.

Internships at MJA are all about learning and identifying the right resources which can be given hands on experience of the practical design field with maximum exposure in the least amount of time.

We encourage those who are eager to grasp and guide themselves towards excellence. This is further facilitated by the support and patronage of our seniors and other staff who help these interns. You can apply for internship at any time through out the year.

Some comments of internees and employees:

Mariam Yaqub (Internee in 2009)
“I found the environment and the people I worked with very encouraging, this helped me work harder, take more risks, and learn and develop further. I’m really glad I was able to not only learn but also help design the firm’s website… Because of that I pushed myself to learn more and take more risks, as being different and coming up with new ideas is what helps a person grow.“

Zehra Aziz (Employee)
“The experience of working at MJA helped me grow as a person as well as a professional. The experience has been of happiness, family, learning and achievement. We worked together to achieve creative and reliable solutions for our clients."

Mariam Rehman (Employee)
“I started here as an internee and continued as an employee. I have learnt how to move ideas to reality and how to create unique and attractive spaces for each client. Working with dedicated team of professionals, I have got the flexibility to give the best to our clients. We approach every project with respect for its uniqueness both in terms of the brief and its relevant consumer target audience.”

Imran Ali (Employee)
“I am working with Murad Jamil & Associates for the last two years. Coming to work is much easier when you like the team you work with. Murad Jamil & Associates not only respects but supports my commitment to my studies and my family. I am also doing MBA while working with this organization. It is the organizations strong commitment to a work/life balance that makes it possible for me to be a dedicated employee. I also enjoy working with all my fellow co-workers. We are all team players, and I know I can turn to them for help when I am bound. MJA employs and values technical staff and I am proud to be a member of it.


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